A Missouri native, after receiving his BA from the University of Missouri, majoring in Business and Industrial Management, embarked upon his selected career.  As such he worked at Textron, manufacturer of automotive seat pads and bedding products for industry, and Franklin Research, handling chemical cleaners, disinfectants and general chemical formulations.

While raising a family of four children, Ken decided to further utilize his education by building his own chemical company, relying on his motto of ‘the best chemical for the job’ and believing that personal service will ultimately provide happy customers.

Clients of Elam Chemical Company are as varied as necessity demanded and Elam Chemical Company has been able to design and formulate according to the client’s needs.  The clientele know Ken to be a man of his word and regard his work as producing a valued product.

With it’s 47 year history, Elam Chemical Company has proven that it is here to stay.  You can put your trust in Elam Chemical Company.  They provide personal service and exceptional quality.  All of their products are guaranteed.  Due to the unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value, they have worked with some influential companies.

AB InBev, McDonnell Douglas, Union Electric – UE, as well as several local schools and camps.

Call and learn more about their very effective products and services.  Elam Chemical Company looks forward to serving you and your needs.  They are here to help you find the…

The Right Chemicals For The Job!